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Former HAHS Officers and Board Members

This list was compiled from the archived minutes of HAHS meetings. If you were (or someone you know was) a former officer or board member who is not shown, please contact us so we can update this page.

(In alphabetical order)

Mary Daniels
R. A. Esary
Paula Harvey
Jacq Jones
Travis Parker
Tom R. Phillips III
David Sheley
J. F. Tatum

C. E. Bailey
John Burrus
Mary Daniels
E. Herring
Jacq Jones
Mrs. Cecil Klutts
Tom Phillips III
David Sheley
Mrs. A. T. Tatum
Chris West

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Mrs. Paul Bailey
Peggie Bowles
Jeanette Coleman
Laurie Crowson
Mary Daniels
Mrs. Jack Emerson
Mary Glenn
Mrs. Davie Griffith
Edith Hemeter
Jeanne Herring
A. J. Jones
Linda McMurtrey
Elma McWilliams
Barbara Parker
Polly Ray
Sara Riggs
Earline Roseberry
Edna Sims
Sally Sullivan
Inez Thomson
George Watson

Mrs. Bobby Cloy
Mrs. T. R. Cloy
T. R. Cloy
Barbara Curry
E. Harris
Mrs. E. Harris
Albert Hulett
A. J. Jones
Jack Rogers
David Sheley
David West

Brian Blair
W. D. McCain
Tom Phillips
Patricia Sheppard

Board Members
Mrs. S. W. Abbott
Kenneth Aikens
Phyllis Bailey
Brian Blair
Dixie Brock
John N. Burrus
Bill Bush
J. V. Cannon
Joyce Cartier
Walt P. Cartier
Helen Clar
Richard Clark
Margaret Conn
Mrs. Dudley Conner
Milam Cotton
Mary Ross Daniels
Eloise Dent
Paul Draughn
David Duke
R. A. Esarey
Thelma Esarey
Rick Forte
Evelyn Gandy
Mrs. Walton Garner
Walton Garner
Ann Georgian
Sarah Gillespie
Molly Graf
Martha Griffin
Mary Halliwell
Michelle Heidelberg
Angie Henson
E. Herring
Jeanne Herring
Paul Hughes
Celestine Ishee
J. P. Ishee
A. J. Jones
Eloise Jones
Ursula Jones
Bill Kirby
Terry Latour
R. Lubritz
W. D. McCain
Hardin McClendon
Clai Meador
Lynn Meador
Mary E. Moore
Stephens E. Moore
Joanne Newcomb
C. F. Newcomer
Mrs. Charles Newcomer
M. Noonkester
Mrs. L. Ott
Travis Parker
Mrs. Tom Rhea Phillips, Jr.
Tom Phillips III
Mrs. E. C. Polk
Mrs. Frank Polk
Moran Pope
Jim Puckett
Sara Riggs
Connie Riley
Lida Rogers
Earline Roseberry
Mary Joe Ross
Charles Scruggs
David Sheley
G. C. Smith
Mrs. P. E. Smith
Betty Steadman
Polly Stout
Mrs. C. C. Sullivan
Norma Sullivan
Mrs. A. T. Tatum
George R. Watson
Chris T. West
Mrs. Eugene Wildee