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Gift Ideas for You, a Friend or the History Buff in Your Family

The Hx of Forrest County

  • The History of Forrest County, Mississippi
    • by the Hattiesburg Area Historical Society
      Hardback edition ... $20.00 donation includes tax
      See sample photos
      ( For the coffee table )

The Faith that Compels Us

  • The Faith That Compelled Us: Court Street United Methodist Church, Hattiesburg, Mississippi
    • by Frances Thornton Smith
      Hardback edition ... $30.00 donation
      Softback edition ... $20.00 donation

The Hanging of Willie Ross

  • The Hanging of Willie Ross "Boss" Weatherford in Purvis, Mississippi at the Lamar County Jail on December 1, 1932
    • by Charles Scruggs
      Softback edition ... $10.00 donation

Facts About Hattiesburg...

  • Facts About Hattiesburg - December 1898
    • Reprint of the work by Otis Robertson
      Softback edition ... $5.00 donation

  • Historic Hattiesburg High School
    • Signed and numbered prints
      Sepia tone ... $35.00 donation

  • Hattiesburg Scenes in Watercolor
    • Classic note cards by artist Patty Talbot
      Per pack ... $10.00 donation (5 cards per pack)

The Beverly Drive-in  The Hattiesburg Cultural Center  Historic Hattiesburg High

  • Hattiesburg Calendars from By-gone Days
    • Each calendar includes vintage photos of the city
      Donation: $1.00 each year

Craig Wiseman's first record

  • Hattiesburg Centennial Song
    • Recorded by Craig Wiseman
      45 rpm recording ... $1.00 donation

What about the kids?

  • Hattiesburg Coloring Books
    • Circa 1976
      Donation: $1.00 each

Page from coloring book
See sample pages

There is limited stock on most items. Send an e-mail or call during regular visiting hours to check availability.

Hattiesburg Memories

Forrest County Courthouse
Forrest County Court House
Hattiesburg Cultural Center
Hattiesburg Cultural Center (old library)
Historic Hattiesburg High School
Historic Hattiesburg High School
These unique pewter ornaments are in their original, unopened plastic containers. Each ornament includes a card with a brief history of the building represented.
Donation: $20 each
Hattiesburg Masonic Temple
Hattiesburg Masonic Temple
Sacred Heart Church
Sacred Heart Church
The Old Federal Courthouse
The Old Federal Courthouse
Main Street United Methodist Church
Main Street United Methodist Church
Bay Street Presbyterian Church
Bay Street Presbyterian Church
The Saenger Theater
The Saenger Theater
Hattiesburg City Hall
Hattiesburg City Hall

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