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An index of featured stories, photos and videos available on our website.

Additional galleries are in the works, so check back periodically to see what's New!

  • View Calendars
    • Historic Hattiesburg area photos published in HAHS calendars
  • View Coloring Book
    • Selected pages from the HAHS Coloring Book
  • View Forrest County Area Settlements & Communities New!
    • Settlements and communities in Forrest County
  • View Graduates
    • Composite graduating class photos from area high schools
  • View HAHS 1.0
    • A look at the HAHS's original website
  • View HAHS 50th
    • Photos from the HAHS 50th Anniversary reception
  • View "History of Forrest County"
    • Classic Hattiesburg area photos from the HAHS book of the same title
  • View Hub Cities
    • Photos and introductions to 17 of America's other "Hub Cities"
  • View Hyland Collection
    • Classic Hattiesburg area photos from our Hyland Studio collection
  • View Museum
    • A virtual tour of the HAHS museum in photos and video clips
  • View Post cards
    • Hattiesburg area history in classic post cards
  • View Post office
    • Interior photos of the historic post office on Pine Street
  • View Symbol quiz
    • How many State of Mississippi symbols can you name?
  • View ♫ Tributes ♫ Recent!
    • Hub City tributes in rhythm and rhyme; video clips included
  • View Ward Collection
    • Selected photos of Hattiesburg by Harry Ward