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Gallery: Hyland Studio Collection

This gallery consists of sample Hyland Studio photos of Hattiesburg-area people and places during the 1950's and 60's. The complete collection is available for viewing on computer in the HAHS museum during regular visiting hours. Learn more about the unusual series of events that lead to the preservation of these photos in our Winter/Spring, 2020 newsletter.

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#g108a: Main St., Hattiesburg, the Carter Building, First National Bank, Eisman Clothing, KC Cafe, Sarphie Jewelers, Lane's Clothing
#m8b: Main St. (looking north), Hattiesburg, Donovan-Lane Clothing sign in the foreground (scene of downtown parade)
#g127a: Main St. & Batson St., Hattiesburg, Sears, My Shop, Joy's Clothing, Moose Lodge, Ben's Clothing, Rollings Jewelry
#h17a: Main St., Hattiesburg, Scott 5 & 10.

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