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Gallery: Hyland Studio Collection

(Hattiesburg Memories: 1940's - 1960's)

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#g108a: Main St., Hattiesburg, the Carter Building, First National Bank, Eisman Clothing, KC Cafe, Sarphie Jewelers, Lane's Clothing, 1950's.

#m8b: Main St. (looking north), Hattiesburg, Donovan-Lane Clothing sign in the foreground (scene of downtown parade), 1950's.

#g127a: Main St. & Batson St., Hattiesburg, Sears, My Shop, Joy's Clothing, Moose Lodge, Ben's Clothing, Rollings Jewelry, 1950's.

#h17a: Main St., Hattiesburg, Scott 5 & 10, 1950's.

#g139: Main Street, Hattiesburg, Ben Franklin 5 & 10, 1950's.

#h116: East Front St., Hattiesburg, Sherwin-Williams Paint, McLelland TV., Jimmie Nash Clothing, 1950's.

#h55: Mobile St., Hattiesburg, Baldwin Furniture, ______ & Tobacco, 1950's.

#m7: Pine & Main St., Hattiesburg, Ben Franklin, McInnis Clothing, Forrest Hotel, 1950's.

#m11a: Main St., Hattiesburg, Bell Brothers Shoes, Manhattan Shoes,1950's.

#m19b: Pine St., Hattiesburg, Murray Envelope, Swift Company, 1950's.

#m21d: Pine St., Hattiesburg, Woolworth's, Singer Sewing, Waldoff's, 1950's.

#m13a: Hardy St. & Pine St. intersection, Hattiesburg, Farrior Motors, Forrest Hotel, Pure Gas Station (to the left), 1950's.

#g119: East Pine, Hattiesburg, Woolworth's, 1950's.

#g127b: Main St. & Batson St. intersection, Hattiesburg, My Shop, Thom McCan Shoes, 1950's.

#h35b: Pine St., Hattiesburg, The Diamond Shop, 1950's.

#i1c: Pine St., Mississippi Power, 1950's.

#m14b: East Pine St., Hattiesburg, Johnson Music, Belk Whitley, Toxey's Shoes, 1950's.

#m5: Front & Mobile St., Hattiesburg, Milner Hotel (formerly the Hotel Hattiesburg) in the background, 1950's.

#m20: Main St., Hattiesburg, Fine Brothers Matison, 1950's.

#m17b: Pine St., Hattiesburg, Rebel Theater, Adler Appliance, JC Penney, The Diamond Shop, Forrest Hotel, 1950's.

#h79b: Pine St. & Hardy St. intersection, Hattiesburg, Jitney Jungle, 1950's.

#h83b: Hardy St. & 11th Ave., Hattiesburg, Dossett Super Market (scene of the grand opening, car giveaway), 1950's.

#h43b: Hardy St., Hattiesburg, Dairy Queen near Dossett Super Market, 1950's.

(Additional photos are available in the HAHS museum.)

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