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  • Volume 24, #2:2021 "50th Anniversary Edition"
    • Topics/photos: The HAHS 50 celebrates years of service to Hattiesburg and the Forrest County area. An open house is scheduled for Thursday, October 14, 2021.

  • Volume 23, #1:2020 "Snapshots of Time"
    • Topics/photos: Main Street, New Hattiesburg High building, Lamar Elementary School, Forrest Hotel interior, 1961 flood, giant Sunbeam bun, new appliance drawing, early logging handcar

  • Volume 22, #2:2019 "Some Treasures Take Years to Enlighten Us"
    • Topics/photos: Hyland Studio Collection preservation, Main Street Circus Parade, Tree of Hope

  • Volume 22, #1:2019 "Play Ball!"
    • Topics/photos: Kamper Park baseball field, remembering Tom Phillips III, mystery photos


  • Volume 21, #2:2018 "Lights, Camera, LABELS"
    • Topics/photos: Bob Hope visits Hattiesburg, Seale-Lily building interior, March of Dimes donation, Gulf Station on Mobile Street, Dixie Pine Grocery Store

  • Volume 21, #1:2018 "The USS Mississippi"
    • Topics/photos: USS Mississippi, aerial view of Broadway Drive, Coca Cola wagons and cars on Main Street, Frank Tatum addresses USO club, Gloria Coleman (WWII is over), remebering Laurie Crowson

  • Volume 20, #1:2017 "A New Use for an Old Building"
    • Topics/photos: The old Federal Building; the old Hattiesburg Post Office; remembering Tat Ott, Dee Abbott and Barbara Johnson

  • Volume 19, #1:2016 "Hattiesburg Public Schools - Part 2"
    • Topics/photos: Grace Love Elementary, Mary Bethune Elementary, G. L. Hawkins Elementary, Grace Christian Elementary, W. H. Jones Elementary, Hattiesburg High, Lillie Burney Elementary, W. I. Thames Elementary.

  • Volume 18, #2:2015 "Hattiesburg Public Schools - Part 1"
    • Topics/photos: Walthall Elementary, Eaton Elementary, Lamar Elementary, Camp Elementary, Main Street School, Main Street Elementary, Eureka Community Education Center and Jeff Davis Elementary, Woodley Elementary, Rowan Elementary, "Popepourri" from Mayor Moran Pope, Jr., HHS class of 1918, Mary's Kindergarten.

  • Volume 18, #1:2015 "In Honor and Memory"
    • Topics/photos: Reflections on the Civil War, monument at the Forrest County Courthouse

  • Volume 17, #2:2014 "Preserving History One Piece at a Time"
    • Topics/photos: YWCA statue, Bob Martin's HHS diorama along with Patty Talbot's framed print, Gulf and Ship Island Depot, First Baptist Church cornerstone, remembering A. J. Jones and Brian Blair.

  • Volume 17, #1:2014 "How Time Flies"
    • Topics/photos: A brief look at the aviation industry along with a story and photos of the opening of the Hattiesburg's first airport in 1930.

  • Volume 16, #2:2013 "'Do You Remember' Questions Are Common"
    • Topics/photos: YWCA statue, Vann Hall dormitory at USM, Thad "Pie" Vann, Choctaw legend, Smokie Harrington Park, Smokie Harrington, baseball league, trophy inventory, Aussie Hanely Sigler's bird dog and snipe painting, Hattiesburg City Directories wanted.

  • Volume 16, #1:2013 "History of Medicine in Hattiesburg"
    • Topics/photos: Twin Forks, Gordon Station, Dr. John Gillis, the "Doctor Shop," group photo of early Hattiesburg physicians, yellow fever, small pox, hospitals, Eula Mae Arnett Earle's nursing lamp.

  • Volume 15, #2:2012 "If You'd Only Thought To Ask"
    • Topics/photos: Hattiesburg's role in the Civil War, Hattie's home, Hub Sign light bulb, Woolworth's in 1964, WWII ration stamps, HHS alma mater, Trinity Episcopal Church ornament

  • Volume 15, #1:2012 "History Is Bursting Out All Over"
    • Topics/photos: WWI memorial marker, old street post, Rock & Roll marker, Osceola McCarty Park, Bonhomie Church, manhole cover, Centennial marker, Hudsons at Palmer's Crossing, Roots marker, Loper Gate, Camp Shelby Officer's Quarters, Illinois Central 100th Anniversary marker

  • Volume 14, #2:2011 "Hidden Treasure Found in Banker's Memorabilia"
    • Topics/photos: Doyle Downs' bank memorabilia donation, First National Bank photos, Girl Scout first aid boxes.

  • Volume 14, #1:2011 "Filling In the Blanks"
    • Topics/photos: Hattiesburg Commercial Club, Hattiesburg Business College, South Mississippi College.

  • Volume 13, #2:2010 "It's The Little Things That Make Hattiesburg So Interesting"
    • Topics/photos: Hattiesburg ABC book

  • Volume 13, #1:2010 "Saving a Family's Heritage Provides a Look at Early Hattiesburg"
    • Topics/photos: The Arnold-Meador cabin

  • Volume 12, #2:2009 "Remembering the Past, Building the Future"
    • Topics/photos: Photos and story of the Hattiesburg Fire Department.

  • Volume 12, #1:2009 "A Little Something for Everyone"
    • Topics/photos: Edmo Merkel collection, Evelyn Gandy dress donation, 1930's sports uniform donation, robe worn by Main Street Methodist's boys choir, little girls who play nurse donation, baby crib donation.


  • Volume 11, #2:2008 "Hometown Heros"
    • Topics/photos: Hometown Heroes exhibit, HHS Class of 1944 World War II Monument moves to the Cultural Center, HAHS Receives IMLS Bookshelf, The Roseberry Case, children’s antique cooking utensils and a 1924 Empire electric stove.

  • Volume 11, #1:2008 "Come On In, And See What Develops!"
    • Topics/photos: Tallahala mill timber used to repair USS Constitution deck, Citizen's Bank etched glass sign, J.J. Newman Lumber Company

  • Volume 10, #2:2007 "The Carter Building"
    • Topics/photos: The Carter Building, footprints, pedal sewing machine donation, Major-Sowers saw mill photo donation

  • Volume 10, #1:2007 "Hattiesburg Downtown Post Office"
    • Topics/photos: Exterior and interior photos of the downtown post office, Southern Strings Dulcimer Club.

  • Volume 9, #2:2006 "Celebrating Our Heritage!"
    • Topics/photos: Celebrating our heritage, WWII metal flag, Geiger Printing and Office Supply typewriter and office machines, Jean Herring dresses "The Leaf" passengers

  • Volume 9, #1:2006 "It's Here!"
    • Topics/photos: "The Leaf" scale model arrives, "Our Terrible 'Kadastophy'" (Hurricane Katrina aftermath).

  • Volume 8, #1:2005 "It's Not Your Grandparents' Depot Anymore!"
    • Topics/photos: Downtown train depot memories

HAHS's virtual Hattiesburg Hub sign
HAHS's virtual Hub Sign

2008-1999 continued

  • Volume 7, #2:2004 "Behind the Scenes in Historic Hattiesburg"
    • Topics/photos: Self-Dunn House restoration, Choctaw display, UV light protection.

  • Volume 7, #1:2004 "HAHS Museum Activities"
    • Topics/photos: A review of HAHS projects and activities, an update on the keel boat restoration, Butch Bouvier's correspondence, model of a Lindsey 8-wheel wagon donation, the 1893 fire.

  • Volume 6, #2:2003 "School Days"
    • Topics/photos: "School Days" exhibit, "The History of Forrest County" for sale, Girl Scout's photo.

  • Volume 6, #1:2003 "Society News... from the President"
    • Topics/photos: Progress on "The Leaf" keel boat restoration, Piney Woods life photos recovered, photo of volunteers, settee photo.

  • Volume 5, #4:2002 "Camping Knots and Camping Nots"
    • Topics/photos: HHS composite collection, Girl Scout tent, general Girl Scout photos, Magnolia Questers, Sales Counter gift ideas.

  • Volume 5, #3:2002 "Moving On..."
    • Topics/photos: Negative and photo rescue, Hattiesburg American newspapers, keel boat update, HHS class of 1957, Girl Scout exhibit, Wanted: City Directories.

  • Volume 5, #2:2002 "HAHS Wins Frank E. Everett, Jr. Award"
    • Topics/photos: HAHS wins Frank Everett, Jr. Award, Keel Boat Update, Gunn portrait of Jacq Jones, Forrest Beverage Company bottle, Catholic Schools Week

  • Volume 5, #1:2002 "All Give Some...Some Give All"
    • Topics/photos: Dee Abbott uniform, WWI and WWII memorabilia, keel boat preservation.

  • Volume 4, #2:2001 "The Price of Freedom Display"
    • Topics/photos: Remembering Jacq Jones, the "Price of Freedom" exhibit, keel boat update, new HAHS home at the Cultural Center.

  • Volume 3, #4:2000 "We Moved, and We Moved..."
    • Topics/photos: New HAHS home at the Cultural Center

  • Volume 3, #3:2000 "Freedom is Every Citizen's Responsibility"
    • Topics/photos: Creation and restoration of the Star-Spangled Banner, HAHS's Bill of Rights kiosks.

  • Volume 3, #2:2000 "The History of Forrest County" is now on sale
    • Topics/photos: "The History of Forrest County" is on sale, Welcome- Dixie Darlings..., life size bust figures of American heroes, quilt on loan to HAHS, Mary Frances Blackard works on the Bilbo collection, "The Curious Lure of Precious Stones."

  • Volume 3, #1:2000 "Leap of Faith"
    • Topics/photos: Premier release of "The History of Forrest County," Captain William H. Hardy, student member Clai Meador volunteers, Tat Ott holds old home made soap.

  • Volume 2, #2:1999 "Society Update"
    • Topics/photos: HAHS receives the Frank E. Everett, Jr. Award and a Resolution of Commendation from MDAH, 1900 Maytag washing machine, a rail station telephone, replica of Carter Cabin, a USS Hattiesburg Victory photo.

  • Volume 2, #1:1999 "When Does the 20th Century End...?"
    • Topics/photos: HAHS temporarily moves from the Saenger to Kamper Park facility, "This Century of Change," and a Dee Tatum presentation of "Stained Glass."


  • Volume 1, #1:1998 "Dr. Nollie C. Felts and Thomas Martin Ferguson"
    • Topics/photos: Geiger to print "The History of Forrest County," a summary of HAHS activities, Nollie Felts story, Thomas Ferguson story.

  • Volume   , #2:1997 "HAHS Updates"
    • Topics/photos: Cindy King hosts environmental awareness meeting, museum displays include (a) life-size portraits Declaration of Independence signers and (b) an egg exhibit (re: the annual easter egg hunt at Kamper Park).

  • Volume   , #1:1997 "Barrellhouse, Boogie and Bottlenecks..."
    • Topics/photos: Projects and exhibits include Hattiesburg's connection with the "blues," "Camp Shelby and the Evironment", and "Pioneer Plots and Tales" honoring American History Month. Volunteers continue preparation of "The History of Forrest County."

  • Volume   , #2:1996 "As Time Goes By"
    • Topics/photos: The fourth year in preparation of "The History of Forrest County." Notes on rebuilding the "Hub" sign, and a special train trip as part of Mississippi Heritage Trust.

  • Volume   , #1:1996 "Early Settlers and Keelboat Leaf"
    • Topics/photos: HAHS displays replica of Ellicott Stone, "Early Settlers and the Keelboat Leaf"

  • Volume   , #1:1995 "HAHS Celebrates 25 years"
    • Topics/photos: "Program of Thanksgiving for our Rich Heritage," "Preservation of Old Papers, Books, and Photos," Hubfest "Bow and Arrow Exhibit," volunteers organize for history book publication.

  • Volume   , #2:1994 "Welding and Antique Engines"
    • Topics/photos: HAHS sponsors a demonstration of welding equipment (Dr. Milam Cotten), gasoline engines (Mr. Joe Spell), and a display of "The Leaf" keel boat at the Mississippi Power Company boat barn.

  • Volume   , #1:1994 "The Information Superhighway"
    • Topics/photos: Current programs include "The Information Superhighway" and a demonstration of how to make arrowheads.

  • Volume   , #2:1992 "Bill of Rights exhibit"
    • Topics/photos: "Bill of Rights exhibit, Otis Robertson's 1898 book "Facts About Hattiesburg" is now available, a tour is scheduled for the new Polymer Science building at The University of Southern Mississippi.

  • Volume   , #1:1992 "Julie's Journey"
    • Topics/photos: Sherry Moudy Johnson shares the story line of "Julie's Journey," and HAHS exhibits "The Road to Rights--- a Government that Almost Didn't Happen."

  • Volume   , #2:1991 "Red, White and Blue"
    • Topics/photos: A tour and history of Bay Street Presbyterian Church, "Red, White and Blue" patriotic collectibles and items from the HAHS collection.

  • Volume   , #1:1991 "Bottles and Cans"
    • Topics/photos: "Mississippi Politics and Politicians I Have Known Best" presented by Paul B. Johnson III in March, and "Bottles and Tins," includes items from dozens of private collections.

  • Volume   , #1:1990 "Celebrating 20 Years"
    • Topics/photos: The year in review and a Christmas card from Snoopy and Linus as well as a special 1942 card.

  • Volume   , #2:1989 "Joie De France"
    • Topics/photos: "Scientists and the French Revolution" is on display courtesy of the French Cultural Services in New Orleans.

  • Volume   , #1:1989 "Brunchy membership event"
    • Topics/photos: Brunch membership event at Coca-Cola Bottling, dolls from Jeannette Howell's collection are currently on exhibit, and tentative plans for the year include programs and exhibits on trains, doll dressing and indians.


  • Volume   , #1:1988 "Renovation Energy and Tourism"
    • Topics/photos: Presentations include "Renovation Energy and Tourism and "Let's Talk Mississippi."

  • Volume   , #2:1987 "60 Years Ago and More"
    • Topics/photos: The spotlight is placed on old music boxes, player pianos, a pump organ, Edison record players and the mighty Saengar Theater organ from silent movie days.

  • Volume   , #1:1987 "Time is Flying"
    • Topics/photos: A Camp Shelby tour is scheduled as well as A Statue of Liberty slide show and a presentation about Caleb King.

  • Volume   , #2:1986 "I Think I Can"
    • Topics/photos: Exhibits include "Mississippi Patent Models," program meetings include "Aviation in South Mississippi," and "How Old House People Do It." Critera for the HAHS roster of historic homes and other buildings will be adopted for the spring tour.

  • Volume   , #1:1986 "Past Activities Present Opportunities"
    • Topics/photos: Past Activies and Present Opportunities- HAHS planning.

  • Volume   , #1:1985 "Bring Your Special Book"
    • Topics/photos: Museum expansion, heritage tour standards and calendar publication and nominating committee report.

  • Volume   , #1:1982 "Heritage Tour"
    • Topics/photos: The HAHS 12th Heritage Tour. A map of tour homes and photos of selected homes are included along with instructions for ordering tickets.

  • Volume   , #1:1980 "Heritage Tour and Pioneer Pilgrimage"
    • Topics/photos: 1980 Heritage tour announced. A photographic study of Folk Architecture will be open especially for HAHS members.The HAHS bus tour to Crooked Creek Church and the Stephen A. Douglas Plantation also announced.

  • Volume   , #1:1979 "From Attic to Auction..."
    • Topics/photos: Ed Polk Douglas will present "From Attic to Auction: Knowing and Acquiring 19th Century Furniture."

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